Behavioral Data For Behavioral Marketing

Know what your visitors do when they are not on your website
The data, your Data Scientists and Marketers always wished for!

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Cross-Domain Tracking
Track visitor's behaviors across websites, capture interests, enrich anonymous visitors
Super Fast
Get clicks, pageviews, country, sessions, form fields, OS & much more data in real-time
Proven Technology
Powered by Plotly dashboards, easy to use interface with upto 10 dashboards to analyze your traffic from

Collecting Data

  • Full control over data
  • Track visitors beyond your website
  • Scale-up as per traffic
  • Cross-browser and cross-device mapping
  • Track custom events, map old data to our clickstreams

How Do I Use It?

  • Unlike other analytics tools, you can export this data
  • Build your own recommendation system
  • Personalize homepage by user behavior
  • Improve user engagement/experience
  • Segment your retargeting ads by returning/new users
  • Detailed usage available here


Know Your Keywords

  • Link google search console
  • Visualize Position and CTR trends
  • See how people search your website
  • Know the best performing keywords
  • Supports only Indian search data

Our Offerings


Available as SaaS/On-Prem

  • ClickStream Ingestion
  • 50,000 Monthly Unique Visits
  • 6 Months Google Keyword Insights
  • AI Visitor Segmentation
  • 10 Analysis Dashboards
  • CSV Exports

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